Nobody Reads these...

2013-05-23 21:08:53 by SpyderZ

But that doesn't mean I can't write here anyway. ;P I've entered into a Poetry Slam at deviantART, and they don't currently accept Audio Files. So I have to host it somewhere else and link to it from the post where I write it out. Where better than the site I would use for 'All' of my Creative Work if they accepted Photos and Written Work. ;P

So dA is now for my 'Static' work, and NG is for my 'Active' work. It totally works... >.>

Heh.... It's been awhile.

2013-05-08 02:37:22 by SpyderZ

I've been lurking around this site 'Forever'... From Portal 1.0 ( .01? Anyone up for some Seal Beating? ;P) to the Newsauce we've got now, and I 'Still' wish there was a Literature Branch. At this point it's Everything... Except that. ;P Alas... One Day...

It Figures...

2008-08-12 06:49:37 by SpyderZ

Heh... it figures... they're Finally able (Yes able, I know what MS's QC is like. ;P ) to release Castle Crashers... and it's got to be during PAX... Hehehe, I'll have to stop by and visit the booth when I get the chance, since I won't have time to play the game while I'm working. ;P

Well now, so far so nice.

2007-07-24 14:27:51 by SpyderZ

So far I'm liking the User Pages here. Not that I'm that active, but I love NewGrounds, and any growth they're able to make is quite Alright with me. ;P