Entry #4

Nobody Reads these...

2013-05-23 21:08:53 by SpyderZ

But that doesn't mean I can't write here anyway. ;P I've entered into a Poetry Slam at deviantART, and they don't currently accept Audio Files. So I have to host it somewhere else and link to it from the post where I write it out. Where better than the site I would use for 'All' of my Creative Work if they accepted Photos and Written Work. ;P

So dA is now for my 'Static' work, and NG is for my 'Active' work. It totally works... >.>


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2013-05-24 00:03:46

you can post your photos on in your news posts and there's a writing forum for your poetry and stuff (or again, news posts).

Check the collab forum or the collabinator (under the games, movies audio and art tabs, choose 'team up!') ...people are always looking for writers.

Good luck in the da slam! ;D

SpyderZ responds:

Heh, let's say there's no 'Endorsed' place then. ;P If the system was designed in such a way as to take these mediums, I would totes use it. And sadly, the quickest way to ensure I will not have the chance to participate in something is to announce that I want to do it. ;? I wasn't able to get the Slam Recorded by the deadline. Alas.

I'll check out the collab forum... but the last time I looked, Writers were not in big demand. O.o!